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Hello, Long time no write.–:) I have been sooooo stressed out! I am in full time college, and working too. I love it! But…I miss my time that I had to devote to my Genealogy research, and grave hunting. I have a lot of postings on the website. Check it out! It’s free!
I, also have committed to voluteering to help take care of the Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Crosby, Harris County, Texas. My Grandparents, Uncles, Aunt, Cousins, and lots more of my Czech-Moravian, Catholic ancestors are buried there. I have added some beautiful photos from the cemetery.
My Paternal Grandparents were “Bessie” Elizabeth Annie (Mazac) Frederick from Granger & Crosby, Texas, & “Charlie” Charles Frederick Sr. of Crosby, Harris County, Texas.
My Maternal Grandparents were Harry William Linderman & Phylis Adele (Palen) Linderman, of Dubuque, Iowa and Winona, Minnesota.
My husband’s Paternal Grandparents were “Conrad” Sol Ross Tudor & Bergie Mae (Mobley) Tudor, of Stephenville, Erath County, Texas.
His Maternal Grandparents were Jessie William McCann & Ella Marie (Gillilan) McCann, of Stephenville, Texas.
His parents are Donald Wayne Tudor & Annie Mae (McCann) Tudor from Stephenville, Erath County, Texas.


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