Josef Palen & Anna-Catharina (Pletschette) Palen

Born in Reiden-Atert, Redingen, Redange, Luxembourg and Died Jan. 1864 in Harel, Harlingen, Harlange, Luxembourg. Married Anna Catherina Pletschette on 4 April 1820 in Bachlieden, Diekirch, Luxembourg. His Father was Johann (Jean) Palen, and his mother was Marie Muller (Mueller). Father of fifteen (15) children [five (5) of whom died in infancy-including twins]: Marie, Dominque (Dominck), Marie-Josephine, Joseph, Nicholas Gregorie, Marie-Francois Christine, Pierre Joseph, Anne-Marie Francois, Marie-Josephine, Leopold Frank, Marguerite, Julien, and Christine Palen.
He is buried in the St. Servatius Catholic Church Cemetery, Harlange, Luxembourg beside his wife Anne Catharine (Pletschette) Palen.


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