Louis "Lou" Clifford Mancill

Birth: Nov. 2, 1924
Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida, USA
Death: Dec. 20, 2002
Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA

Grew up in Robertsdale & Mobile, Alabama. Grandson of John Travis Wilson & Annie Flowers Wilson; and Edmond & Rosetta (Dillard) Mancill of Alabama.
One of eight (8) living children. Son of Elliott Devocious Mancill & Cora Lee (Wilson) Mancill of Alabama. Served as a Pvt. in World War II, in France in the U.S. Army, and was promoted to Sgt. when he served in Korean War in Korea. Served as a cook in the Army near the front lines. He risked his life to feed our troups.
Married to Myrtle Hess and had two sons, Robert and Carl Mancill, in Mobile, Alabama. They were divorced and Louis moved to Houston, Harris County, Texas in the 1950’s. Married to Mildred Bartlett and had one son, Michiael Wayne Mancill, in Houston, Harris County, Texas. Divorced in 1968.
Married to Jean Linderman Frederick on December 5, 1968 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. No children by “birth”, but six children by way of “heart”. He always called me his Daughter, and I felt loved by him. I babysat for his son, Michiael, in 1967, on Cheston Dr., Jacinto City, Texas. I was only 12 years of age. Mike and I are brother & sister in God’s eyes anyway. Mike and his Dad loved to play the guitar together. Louis never favored any of his children over the others. He loved all “God’s children” equally. The Grandkyds called him “Honey” Lou, because Grandma called him “Honey”.
“Alabama Lou” is what the friends at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor, Pasadena, Tx called him. Lou played music with Paul Buskirk and Johnny Day in 1970.
Anyone who ever met him knew that he loved his family and was a proud Army Veteran of World War II and Korea. Louis played the guitar and sang for his buddies. In 1980,Richard Fallin, myself, and my Mother and Dad, were blessed to be able to visit England and France. My Dad revisited some of the places that he was stationed at in France. He never was able to talk about the horror of it all, because it hurt too much.
He was a faithful, lifelong Church of Christ member. He has a brother, Glenn & Marie (Black) Mancill, who survived him, they live in Friendswood, Texas. Since, Louis and Glenn both resided in Houston, Texas, they were able to spend a lot of time fishing and hunting together. “Lou” even had a Harley Davidson motorcycle in 1947. Louis also had two brothers, John Elliott and Gerald Mancill, that survived him. They reside in Alabama. His parents, a brother, Floyd, and two sisters, Emma Laura Mancill Matuk, and Annie Lee Mancill Horan, preceded him in death.
“Cliff” is what they called him at work. He worked for the Lee Thompson, Co. for many years. He did air conditioning and heating repair. But…my Dad could fix anything! He loved working with his hands. We still have a beautiful home in Houston, TX, that his two hands helped to rebuild after it flooded in 2001. “Lou” as we called him, and my Mother, Jean Linderman Frederick Mancill, built us a home up on the lake at Sam Houston Lake Estates near Cleveland, TX. in 1969. Of course, us kyds helped a lot too. It still stands today. He told me that he wired his parents home in Robertsdale, AL, so that they could have their first home with electricity back in the 1940’s.
I could go on and on about all the things this man did while on this earth, but there isn’t enough time to. I’ll just say that he was an honest, faithful, hardworking, and good man, who is dearly missed.
Burial: Houston National Cemetery
Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA


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