Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 2010
Jason Fallin, age 28, and Jean Mancill, age 82.
At our homeplace at 11039 Lafferty Oaks St., in Houston, Texas.
Two of my favorite people in the world!
Leonard, Sally, Jean, Jason, Jimmy & Estela Nelson ate dinner together
for Thanksgiving. Leonard baked the turkey and made the stuffing. Leonard and Jean made the Homemade rolls. Sally made the Sweet potatoes and Cauliflower and Cheese. Jimmy & Estela brought the Pecan pie. Sally made Berry pie, Apple pie, and Chocolate pie. The food was good, but the company was the best. We sat and talked about old times-I mean really old times, like back in the 1940’s, when Mother had her boyfriend ride his bycycle for 30 miles to get to the Linderman place in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jimmy is Mother’s cousin, and he lived with Mother’s parents, Harry William Linderman and Phylis (Palen) Linderman for a few years. When they moved to Crosby, Texas and bought a place there. He said that those were the best years of his life.

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