Beauty Of Germany~My German Ancestors

Several of my ancestors emigrated from different parts of Germany. My Claussen, Kobel, Rabe, Koch, Linderman, and Frederick? also ( I believe that my paternal grandfather, Karel Fredrich, was born out of wedlock and maybe his father was Bohemian or German). 
His naturalization papers stated that he was born in Mala Lehota, Moravia. Malá Lehota is a village and municipality in the Žarnovica District, Banská Bystrica Region in Slovakia, in Southern Moravia. We will never know for sure. He took that secret to his grave. In that day and time the worst thing that you could be is German or illegitimate). (I believe that his mother was single. My daddy told me that his father, Karel was as dark as you could get, without being black, and that he believed that he was Bohemian. My paternal grandmother, said that Bohemians were like gypsies and roamed around and Moravians looked down on Bohemians).


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