ALL Of My Ancestors Have Fought and Died To Save America From Communism!

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ALL Of My Ancestors Have Fought and Died To Save America FROM Communism! They Emigrated From Europe To Escape Socialism and Communism, for Freedom of Religion, and To Have A Better Life! They all came her legally, learned English, assimilated into American society, and pledged allegiance to the United States of America.

NONE of them Froze, and Bled, and Died to allow America’s Liberties and Freedoms to be REMOVED by the Demon-Rats, Socialists, and Communists! Our White House and our Congress have been INVADED by them. The “Enemy Within” is working for the Devil NOT God

My Fifth Great Maternal Grandfather, Johann Jacob Linderman, emigrated in 1740 to Pennsylvania and he helped to build these “United States of America”. He was in the Pennsylvania Colonial Army. He worked for everything that he got for our family. I am proud to be one of his descendants.

I will do whatever I am able to do~ to help save our beloved America from the “Enemy Within”, the Socialist=Demon-Rats=Communists trying to destroy the United States of America! We will not submit to their tyranny and we will not give up our guns or our “right to defend ourselves and our families and friends” from the evil ones.

Anyone who wants Communism needs to get the hell out of America, and go to a Communist country! There are plenty of them! Stop coming from your third world “shit-holes”, and trying to change our beloved country into the “hell-hole” you crawled out of! God bless America. God save America from the “Evil Within”!!

United States of America
United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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