E.F. Linderman Homeplace-705 W. Third Street- Dubuque, Iowa

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705 W. Third Street, Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Home built by E. F. Linderman & Gudrun Ivara (Lund) Linderman

Edward Francis Linderman, 705 W. Third Street, Dubuque, Iowa

Shirley, Jimmie, Dickie, Gladys, and Edward Linderman~World War II~Dubuque, Iowa

Written by Roy Leonard “Jimmie” Nelson, Jr.

“Winter school work done in dining room next to coal burning pot belly stove. Heavy drapes to close living room off. House heated by registers, water circulated by furnace in basement. Coal storage room in basement to be hand fed to furnace. Sometime during W.W. II Grandpa had the furnace converted to oil fed. In the basement there was a vegetable room for canned foods, sacks of potatoes, and bags of sugar, etc…

There was a double sink to wash clothes, and one sink had a wringer. There was a four burner stove to heat copper boiler for washing clothes (hot water). Basement foundation large stones. They were white washed every…

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