Trill Labo and LuckyMoJo Serenity of the Cosmic Serenity Band At The Scout Bar

posted by Emma Wells14 hours ago via mobile Jun 10, 2013 4:10am  

My boy trill sounded awesome tonight wish my phone would’ve had a better quality on the voice but go see them yourself. Love u duffy. â€” with Trill Labo at Cosmic Serenity @ Scout Bar SUNDAY.

LuckyMoJo Serenity on the left (my son) and Trill Labo on the right. 

 Cats In Boots – Shot Gun Sally Lyrics 
Shotgun Sally’s gonna shoot ’em up in my townS.O.S. she’s makin’ my life a messOh, yeahWest side, genocide, I’m movin’ to the east sideCome on Sally, you’re makin’ my life a wreckOh, such a wreck
You’re runnin’ down the alley with your shoes untiedShootin’ out on your way to a homicideWord’s hit the street and it’s givin’ me the bluesI won’t be your front page news
Oh, no, she’s out of controlLead balls swingin’ she’s makin’ my life a wreckOh, such a wreckShe’s cyanide silly, if I die, will she dig itOh, Sally you’re makin’ my life a wreckOh, oh, such a wreck
Well I ain’t been the same since they let you goGod only knows how you made paroleHow’d you get so bad, baby, let me guess
I bet it all started with your P.M.S.!Oh yeah!
Shoot ’em up, SallyShotgun SallyOh, shoot ’em up SallyAhh, Shotgun Sally!Hell hath no furyOh, no!Shoot ’em up, SallyOh, Shotgun SallyShe’s out for blood
Whoa Sally!Oh, you’re such a wreck
I’m callin’ 9-1-1 for emergencySally’s on the loose, it’s a DEFCON 3Army, Navy, Air Force, MarinesSomebody stop this curse of Eve
Shoot ’em up, SallyShotgun SallyOh, shoot ’em up SallyShotgun SallyOh! Oh!Shoot ’em up, SallyOh, Shotgun SallyYeah, shoot ’em up SallyAh, Shotgun Sally!Oh, woo!
Somebody get ‘er a Midol! 

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