United States Travel: New York

NJ to the World

As much as it hurts my pride as a New Jerseyan, I will admit, I love this state. New York and New Jersey have always had somewhat of a love-hate relationship. Hate, in the sense that New Yorkers tend to look down on New Jersey, and the people of New Jersey return the feeling with resentment. But, at the same time, our states share a similar culture and a similar role in the nation’s Mid-Atlantic Region. In that sense, it’s a bit like a big brother, little brother relationship– the big New York media relentlessly mocks New Jersey, but (I’m hoping at least) its people feel the same sense of cultural kindred that the people of Jersey feel, too. We share similar ethnic diversity, we were settled by many of the same ethnic groups (Italians, Irish, Jews, etc), and we tend to share liberal political tendencies. One can say that…

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