United States Travel: Wisconsin

NJ to the World

My first step off of the East Coast and into the Midwest, the state of Wisconsin proved to be more unexpected– both in terms of scenery and culture– than I had anticipated. Sure, a lot of the common stereotypes held water. I was expecting Wisconsin to live up to its reputation as the land of cheese, football, and beer. And in this regard, I was surely not disappointed. But I found that Wisconsin– and the Midwest in general– have a slightly different way of life and culture than what I had experienced on the East Coast. First off, the accents. Now, I expected Minnesotans to have a strong accent, much like those found the movie Fargo (which, unfortunately, became similar in sound to “nails-on-a-chalkboard” for me upon extended exposure to that movie). What I did not expect was for this accent to carry over into neighboring Wisconsin– albeit, a much…

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