Down Memory Lane…A Long Legacy of Love and Traditions

The Road Less Traveled

November 28, 2014, On the road to my parents, Jean Marie Linderman Frederick Mancill and my step dad, Louis Clifford Mancill’s cabin in the woods near Cleveland, Texas in Sam Houston Lake Estates. Where I used to see just a bunch of “old dead trees” and dead things, I can now see the beauty instead.

Today I can see the beauty in God’s nature, to where I used to see just “old dead trees”. Mother taught me to appreciate and be grateful for the good things in our lives and to live with the tragedies too, because we were not promised a “rose garden”.

I miss you terribly, Mother everyday! Nothing is the same without you! Everywhere I look I see you and your handiwork. You and Lou left us a wonderful legacy of love and tradition. Mother and Lou (my step Dad) worked hard everyday to make a good life for their children and grandchildren. They were both Christians and proud Americans. My Dad from proud French and English people. Mother descended from proud German and Norwegian people, but they were always Americans first.

They never asked for a handout, they always worked for what they wanted, and they never expected someone else to support them or pay their bills. They were NOT from the “Entitlement Generation”!! Thank God for all of my good loving, and hard working ancestors before me. They never expected special treatment, just EQUAL. They were good and kind to ALL! I was taught that we are all God’s children and all deserve to be treated equal. I am SO proud to be their daughter!! I thank God for every year, and every minute that God allowed us to spend together.


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