Linderman and Lund Ancestors

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Home built by my Maternal Great Grandparents, Edward Francis (E. F.) Linderman and Gudrun “Gud” Ivarra (Lund) Linderman in 1913, finished in 1914 at 705 W. Third St., Dubuque, Iowa. They resided there until 1968. Edy and Gud raised Harry William, Gladys Serena, Irene Mary, and Evelyn Frances Linderman there. Edy’s Mother resided there with them until her death in 1924, the same year that Gud died. My Mother, told me that during the Depression years her and her Mother and Father and Sisters, Yvonne, Yvarra, and Patricia Linderman all resided there with her Grandparents, Edy and Gud (Lund) Linderman. My Great Grandfather oversaw every aspect of the building of their home, and I still have all his journals and notes from the plans and size and amount of supplies, down to the last board. He worked on the Mississippi River all his life, in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Gud…

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