My Mother, Jean Marie Linderman Frederick Mancill

Family 001

LINDERMAN FAMILY REUNION, Bend, San Saba, Texas, October 1995. My cousins, Bill and Becky (Fey) Burgess’s ranch. Good times. Mother and Lou were still around. Mother and Daddy (Leroy Frederick) had six wonderful children. 

(back row) Brenda and Michelle Frederick, Joseph Frederick, Kristopher Hyden, Sally Brown, Fran and Karl Frederick,Phyllis and Danny Hyden

(second row) Phil and Tricia Harrod, Keli Vanderford, Sarah Moore, Daniel Hyden (third row) Joseph Frederick, Jean and Louis Mancill

(front row seated) Mathew Frederick, Alton Moore, Justin Vanderford, Jason Fallin, Johnathan Frederick, and Drew Vanderford

I always think of Mother on Mother’s Day, in fact all holidays. Mother always celebrated life. We had many a family get together over the years. I miss those days.

She left a long, legacy of love, she did not always have it so good. Mother survived the “The Great Depression”, hurricanes, and floods.

She raised six honest, law abiding, American Patriots. Mother honored her ancestors and a lot of the information that I have accumulated came from her records and verbal conversations over the years.

Mother taught us to have manners and be kind to all. She gave me the love for reading. Mother was born 7 December 1927 in Dubuque, Iowa. Mother had many talents. She knitted, crocheted, sewed, and did needlepoint. She taught me to sew in 1970, at the age of 16. Mother loved taking trips and celebrating life.  She taught us that God, Country, and Family were most important in life. We were taught that there was no shame in any kind of work.


E.F. Linderman Homeplace, at 705 W. Third Street, Dububuqe, Iowa still standing in 2012.

Great Grandpa Linderman watched every phase of their home being built in 1920. Several generations resided there over the years, from 1920-1968, then Great Aunt Gladys Nelson resided there until her retirement. She then sold it to move closer to her sister, Eppie Ayala, in Huntington Beach, California. Gladys shared the proceeds with all of her sister, and she and Eppie and Art Ayala traveled to Norway, the land of their ancestors.

Her parents, Harry and Phyl Linderman resided with his father, Edward and Gudrun Linderman during the Great Depression Era.  My grandparents made pies to survive. Grandpa Harry Linderman sold pies to help the family survive those hard years. They were blessed to own their home and to have family to help them. They tried to grow their food in their garden.

I visited that home at 705 W. Third Street, Dubuque, Iowa in 1970, and the house is not that big. Edward, Gladys, Shirley, and Roy Nelson, Jr. and Sr. resided there until  1930. Harry, Phyl, and four girls, Yvonne, Billie, Jean, and Patsy Linderman resided there until 1930. Mother survived the “Cold War”, the “Depression”, World War II, Hurricanes, Floods, Divorce, Death, and Disease.

The Great Depression lasted from 1929 to 1939, and was the worst economic downturn in the history of the industrialized world. It began after the stock market crash of October 1929, which sent Wall Street into a panic and wiped out millions of investors.” source: The Great Depression

young boys waiting for food in mission, dubuque, iowa, April 1940

Young boys waiting in kitchen of city mission for soup which is given out nightly. Dubuque, Iowa. April 1940. Photographer: John Vachon. For millions, soup kitchens offered the only food they would eat.

14 Houses In Iowa From The 1930s And 40s Will Open Your Eyes To A Different Time

Children in Iowa eating their Christmas dinner of turnips and cabbage. From The 1930s And 40s Will Hopefully Open Your Eyes To A Different Time

Soup kitchens for millions in Dubuque, Iowa


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