My Sixth Great German Grandfather, Johann Justus Linderman

Mühlhausen, Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis, Thuringia, Germany

Muhlhausen, Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis, Thuringia, Germany

Chester County, Pennsylvania

Chester County, Pennsylvania

Birth:  Aug. 2, 1690
Thüringen, Germany
Death:  Nov. 16, 1769
Chester County
Pennsylvania, USA

Son of Mr. & Mrs. Justus “Just” Linderman (Lindemann) of Dachrieden, Thuringia, Germany.

Born: Muehlhausen, Thuringia, Germany on 2 August 1690.

Married: Anna Elizabeth Imsweiler (Imbsweiler) on 3 January 1719 in Obermoschel, Pfalz, Bavaria, Germany.

Johann Justus LINDEMANN (b. 02 Aug 1690, d. 04 Nov 1769)

Johann Justus LINDEMANN (son of Justus LINDEMANN and unknown) was born 02 Aug 1690 in Muhlhausen, Sachsen, Prussia, Germany, and died 04 Nov 1769 in Coventry Township, Chester, PA.

Married: Anna Elisabetha IMBSWEILER on Bet. 03 Jan 1718 – Jan 1719 in Unkenbach, Pfalz, Germany, daughter of Johannes Georg IMBSWEILER and Maria Elisabetha SCHNEIDER.

Notes: for Johann Justus LINDEMANN: Weaver of Linen. His birthplace is also listed as Dachrieden, Unstrut-Hainrich-Kreis, Thuringia, Germany. Will dated: 16 Sept 1762,

All of his children were born in Unkenbach and christened in Obermoschel. He attended the Lutheran Church at Trappe, Montgomery, PA.

More About Johann Justus LINDEMANN and Anna Elisabetha IMBSWEILER:
Marriage: Bet. 03 Jan 1718 – Jan 1719, Unkenbach, Pfalz, Germany.

Children of Johann Justus LINDEMANN and Anna Elisabetha IMBSWEILER are:

+Johan Heinrich LINDEMANN, b. 14 Apr 1723, Unkenbach, Pfalz, Germany, d. 14 Jul 1800, Greenville, SC. 

Family links:
  Justus Lindemann (1650 – 1714)
  Maria Elisabeth Lindemann (1650 – 1696)
  Anna Elisabethae Imbsweiler Lindemann (1700 – 1782)
  Johann Jacob Linderman (1720 – 1792)
  Johan Heinrich Linderman (1722 – 1800)

ID: I30763, Name: Johann Justus Linderman, Sex: M

Birth: 2 AUG 1690 in Dachrieden, Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis, Thuringen, Germany

Death: 16 NOV 1769 in North Coventry, Chester, PA

_FA6: 25 NOV 1740, Arrived on the “Loyal Judith” from the Palatine

Note:  Justus Linderman

Name: Johann Justus LINDERMAN Johann Justus Linderman

Birth Date: 2 Aug 1691 (Germany)

Birth Place: Dachrieden, Thuringen, Germany Johann Heinrich Lenderman

Death Date: 16 Nov 1769 (Germany)

Death Place: North Coventry, Chester County, Pennsylvania Peter Lenderman

Father: Just LINDERMAN Henry Lenderman


Levi Lenderman

Spouse: Anna Elizabeth IMSWEILER (1697 – 1782)

Children: Benjamin Levi Lenamon, Charlotte,

Johann Jacob, Benjamin Bart Lenamon, Johan Heinrich (Henry), Maria Elizabeth Mary Beth Lenamon Fife, Johann Valentin, Catherine, Linda Carol Fife Butcher, Susannah Elizabeth, Johannes Frank Butcher, and Justus, Jr.

Justus Lindeman is noted as having arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 25, 1740 on the ship “Loyal Judith” with his two sons Jacob, 18, and Heinrich, 16. Justus himself was 49 years old at this time.

The ship came from Rotterdam, Holland but Justus and his sons were listed as coming from the village of Unkenbach, which is about 50 miles southwest of Frankfurt in the German State of Rheinland-Pfalz.

The Lindemans were part of a large immigration of Germans to Pennsylvania. During the early eighteenth century, thousands of families were forced to leave their homes in the Rhine section of Germany because of political, religious, and economic reasons. Passenger lists of this period show that quite a few of those people embarked on their voyage to America from ports in Holland as did the Linderman’s aboard the Loyal Judith.

From the Rhineland it was easier and closer to get to Rotterdam on the Dutch coast by boat on the Rhine River than to travel overland to German ports. This departure from Dutch ports is the reason those people were called Pennsylvania Dutch, even though they were of German origin.

A Johan Linderman owned 100 acres of land in the Hanover Township of Pennsylvania prior to 1734, and appears to be related to the Justus Lindeman family. If so, he must have preceded the Justus Lindeman family and his reports back to Germany probably encouraged Justus to make the move also.

German church records from Trappe, Pennsylvania in what was then Philadelphia County note that “beyond the Schuykill” on March 10, 1747 Johan Heinrich Lindeman, son of Justus Lindeman, married Anna Margretha Uhlin. A confirmation is recorded on May 7, 1747 for “Susannah Elizabeth Lindermannin, daughter of Justus, age 13 years”. An interesting notation was added that “The father hurried her confirmation as he wanted her to be of his persuasion. She was very weak in her knowledge.” One possible inference is that the Lindermans did not attend church on a regular basis and failed to study the Bible and teach the faith to their children, but still desired that their children be Christians. A third reference in the church records was for the confirmation on Jun 1, 1760 of Justus Lindeman, son of Justus Lindeman, age 17 years. Justus Jr. would have been born three years after the arrival of the Lindeman family in Pennsylvania, and infers that Justus was accompanied by his wife aboard the Loyal Judith or followed him shortly after that.

Justus died at the age of 78 in Pennsylvania. His wife, Anna Elizabeth, apparently joined the families of her children who migrated south, and died at the age of 85 in Greenville, South Carolina. Source: Frank Butcher, April, 2002

Justus Linderman

Information for this article comes mostly from the research of Howard Hazelwood as reported in the Lenamon-Lenamond Newsletter, and from the research of Margene Black and Ranelle Brown as written in the book Lenderman Links. Dachrieden, in the German state of Thuringen, 2001.

Located about 90 miles northeast of Frankfurt, Dachrieden was the birthplace of Johann Justus Linderman and his father, Just Linderman. (Pronounce Dashreden)

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Father: Just Linderman b: ABT 1640 in Dachrieden, Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis, Thuringen, Germany

Mother: Just Lindermannin b: ABT 1649 in Germany

Marriage 1: Anna Elizabeth Imsweiler b: 7 MAY 1697 in Unkenbach, Donnersbergkreis, Reinland-Pfalz, Germany

Married: 3 JAN 1717 in Obermoschel, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany

Children: Charlotte Linderman b: 1719 in Unkenbach, Pfalz, Germany,

Johann Jacob Linderman b: 30 NOV 1720 in Unkenbach, Pfalz, Germany,

John* Heinrich Linderman b: 16 APR 1722 in Unkenbach, Pfalz, Germany,

Maria Elizabeth Linderman b: 1 NOV 1724 in Unkenbach, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany,

Johann Adam Linderman b: 21 FEB 1726 in Germany,

Johann Valentin Linderman b: 30 MAR 1728 in Unkenback, Pfalz, Germany,

Susan Elizabeth Linderman b: 2 JAN 1732 in Unkenbach, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany,

Catherine Linderman b: 1733 in Unkenbach, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany,

Johannes Linderman b: 1 JAN 1736 in Obermoschel, Bayern, Germany,

Justus Linderman b: 1743 in Chester, Deleware, Pennsylvania.

Sources: Ancestry of Robert P. Lindeman

Died: 16 November 1769

Coventry Township, Chester Co, Pennsylvania.

Coventryville Cemetery, South Coventryville, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Coventryville Cemtery is at Grace Road and Chestnut Hill Road in South Coventry Township, Chester Co., Pennsylvania. It is located at the former site of Grace M E Chapel.

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Burial: 17 November 1769
Coventryville Methodist Cemetery
Chester County
Pennsylvania, USA

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My Sixth Great Maternal Grandmother, Anna Elizabethae Imbsweiler Linderman

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Obermoschel, Bavaria, Germany

My sixth great maternal German grandmother, Anna Elizabethae Imbsweiler.

Daughter of Johannes Georg Imbsweiler and Maria Elizabetha Schneider.

Married: Johann Justus Linderman (Lindemann) on 3 January 1719 in Obermoschel, Pfalz, Bavaria, Germany.

Emigrated: 25 August 1740 from Zweibrucken, Rhineland-Palatinate, Schwarzbach, Germany to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Naturalized: 25 November 1740 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Image result for Port Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Resided: December 1740 in Germantown Township, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Rootsweb website:

Name: Anna Elisabetha IMBSWEILER

Sex: F

Birth: 12 MAY 1700 in Unkenbach,Pfalz,Germany

Death: 17 MAY 1782 in North Coventry,Chester,PA


Her birth date is also listed as 7 May 1697 and 12 Mar 1699

Father: Johannes Georg IMBSWEILER b: 18 MAY 1669 in Unkenbach,Pfalz,Germany

Mother: Maria Elisabetha SCHNEIDER b: 10 FEB 1674/1675 in Unkenbach,Pfalz,Germany

Marriage 1 Johann Justus LINDEMANN b: 2 AUG 1690 in Muhlhausen,Sachsen,Prussia,Germany

Married: 3 JAN 1719 in Unkenbach,Pfalz,Germany

Image result for Unkenbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

Unkenbach is a municipality in the Donnersbergkreis in Rheinland-Pfalz . You heard the alsenz-obermoschel at which its administrative headquarters in the municipality Alsenz has. source: Wikipedia


Charlotte LINDEMANN b: Abt 1719 Unkenbach, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany

Johann Jacob LINDEMANN b: 20 NOV 1720 Unkenbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

Johan Heinrich LINDEMANN b: 14 APR 1723 Unkenbach,Pfalz,Germany

Maria Elisabetha LINDEMANN b: 1 NOV 1724 Unkenbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

Johann Adam LINDEMANN b: 21 FEB 1727 Unkenbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

Johann Valentin LINDEMANN b: Abt 1728 Unkenbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

Marie Elisabetha LINDEMANN b: 6 JAN 1730 Unkenbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

Susannah Elizabeth LINDEMANN b: 2 JAN 1732 Unkenbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

Catherine LINDEMANN b: Abt 1733 Unkenbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

Johannes LINDEMANN b: 2 JAN 1737 Unkenbach,Pfalz,Bayern,Germany

Johan Justus LINDEMANN b: 1 JAN 1743 Germantown,Chester, PA

Johann Justus Lindemann (1690 – 1769)

Johann Jacob Linderman (1720 – 1792)
Johan Heinrich Linderman (1722 – 1800)

Coventry Church of the Brethren Cemetery
North Coventry Township
Chester County
Pennsylvania, USA
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My Maternal Eleventh Great Grandfather -Johannes Lindermann, Sr.

Eisenach’s town centre, viewed from the west, 2009, by Wolfgang Pehlemann

My Maternal Eleventh Great Grandfather -Johannes Lindemann, Sr.
Born: 1380 in Eisenach, Thuringen, Deutschland.

Died: before 1480 in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany.

Married: about 1420 in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany to unknown.

Child: Johannes Lindemann, Jr. 

Eisenach, Town in Germany. Eisenach is a town in Thuringia, Germany with 42,000 inhabitants, located 50 kilometres west of Erfurt, 70 km southeast of Kassel and 150 km northeast of Frankfurt. Wikipedia

Eisenach, Thuringen, Germany, in 1647

The confident citizens of Eisenach fought against the Wettin’s rule to become a free imperial city between 1306 and 1308, but lost. In the 14th century various crises followed: in 1342, a big fire destroyed nearly all the buildings and the Black Death killed many inhabitants in 1349 and 1393. Since 1406, Eisenach was no longer a Wettin residence, which led to a decline in urban development.

Between 1498 and 1501, the young Martin Luther attended the St. George’s Latin school in Eisenach in preparation for his following studies at the University of Erfurt. In 1521/22 he was hidden by Frederick the Wise at Wartburg castle to protect him from the Imperial ban. In that time, Luther translated the New Testament from Greek into German, in what was an important step both for the German Reformation and the development of a consistent German standard language. Luther referred to Eisenach as ein Pfaffennest (“a clerical backwater”), since during his time there were 300 monks and nuns per 1,000 inhabitants.



My Maternal Tenth Great Grandfather -Johannes Lindermann, Jr.

Related image

Name: also spelled Johannes Lindemann, Jr. 

Sex: Male
Christening: 1547
Auerbach, Saxony, Germany
Religion: Evangelical Lutheran
Image resultMap of Auerbach Germany
Auerbach was first documented in 1282 in connection with Conrad de Urbach mentioned.This left the castle Auerbach build. The rest of it is the castle tower. The medieval city with grid-plan was in the 14th Century as scheduled by the governors of Plauen created. The citizens were invested in 1436 by the Castellan brewing beer. It developed the tin and iron ore mining. 1503 Auerbach received a mining office in 1543 and mining town. Since there were now pitch unions and pitch huts, Auerbach was in the 17th Century known as the “unlucky city.” The current spelling of place names set to 1578 final through previous forms were:. Urbach, Uwerbach, Awerboch and Awherbach 
The district Schnarrtanne was 1582 by witch hunts affected. Anna, widow of Wolf Spitzner, and her daughter were caught in a witch trial . 
National fame attained the place by the residents here Lehrerseminar.
By 1995, Auerbach was county seat of the homonymous district.
SACHSEN IS ALSO KNOWN AS THE STATE OF SAXONY IN DEUTSCHLAND [GERMANY]. Auerbach is a town in the Vogtlandkreis, Saxony, Germany. It is the regional centre of the eastern Vogtland. The economy is mainly based on textile manufacture, food processing and machine industry. Wikipedia
Married: 1577 in Germany to Magdalena (maiden name unknown).
Death: 30 Oct 1621
Bockau is a community in the district of Erzgebirgskreis in the Free State of Saxony in Germany. The community is known for growing and researching herbs. Owing to its centuries-old cultivation of angelica, whose roots are used in making liqueurs, Bockau is also known locally by the nickname Wurzelbucke (Wurzel is German for “root”).  Wikipedia
Image resultImage result for Bockau, Saxony, Germany
Image result for Bockau, Saxony, Germany
Image result for Bockau, Saxony, Germany
Vacation Rentals in Bockau, Saxony, Germany

My Maternal Seventh Great Grandfather-Justus Linderman

Image result for Dachrieden, Unstruttal, Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis, Thüringen, GermanyImage result for Dachrieden, Unstruttal, Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis, Thüringen, Germany

Birth:  1650
Thüringen, Germany

Death:  Jul. 21, 1714
Thüringen, Germany

Son of Wilhelm LINDEMANN (aka LINDERMANN and LINDERMAN) of Duisburg, North Rhine Westfalen, Germany.Born: 1650 in Dachrieden, Thuringen, Germany.Died: 21 July 1714 in Dachrieden, Thuringen, Germany. Married: 1668 in Dachrieden,Thuringen,Germany. Maria Elizabeth (wife’s maiden name unknown.)
Rootsweb Website:
Name: Justus LINDEMANN
Sex: M
Birth: 1650 in Dachrieden,Thuringen,Germany
Death: 21 JUL 1714 in Dachrieden,Thuringen,Germany
Note: His wife (Maria Elizabeth)
Married: 1688 in Dachrieden,Thuringen,Germany
Johann Justus LINDEMANN b: 2 AUG 1690 d. 1769 in Muhlhausen, Sachsen, Prussia, Germany

Hans Adam LINDEMANN b: 1689 in Dachrieden,Germany d: 1744 Dachrieden, Germany

Maria Catherina LINDEMANN b: 1690 in Dachrieden, Germany

Martha Elisabetha LINDEMANN b: 18 March 1696 d: 2 February 1761 in Dachrieden,Germany

Anna Maria LINDEMANN b: 11 JUL 1695 d. 1789 in Dachrieden,Germany 

Family links:
  Maria Elisabeth Linderman (1650 – 1696)
  Johann Justus Linderman (1690 – 1769)




 Image result for Dachrieden, Unstruttal, Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis, Thüringen, Germanydachreiden-germanydachreiden-germany2
Dachrieden, Germany
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Catharina (Weber) Linderman

Upper Burial Grounds
Also known as: Axe’s Burial Ground, Concord Burial Grounds

Inside the Upper Burying Ground (1692) looking SE towards the restored Concord School (1775), which is also on the grounds. source: Craig H. Trout

On Germantown Avenue looking north towards restored Concord School (1775) and the Upper Burying Ground (1692) wall extending to the left. The front gate is flanked by commemorative plaques to Revolutionary War soldiers buried inside. Actual cemetery entrance is to right of Concord School.

Upper Burial Ground Cemetery – Year built: 1692
The Upper Burial Ground is a cemetery in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is notable as the last resting place of 58 American soldiers from the Battle of Germantown in the American Revolution. Wikipedia 

Neues Schloss Stuttgart Abenddämmerung

Birth:  1649
Stuttgarter Stadtkreis
Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death:  1715
Philadelphia County
Pennsylvania, USA

Daughter of Johannes and Margaretha Weber. Christened on 20 May 1649 in Wangen, Stuttgart, Wurttemburg, Germany.
Wife of Johann Linderman. Married in about 1692 in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Family links:
  Johann Linderman (1648 – 1720)
Upper Burial Grounds
Philadelphia County
Pennsylvania, USA
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