Linderman Homeplace~Wise Acres~Crosby, Harris County, Texas


My maternal grandparents, Harry William Linderman and Phyllis Eugenia (Palen) married on 27 February 1923 in Clayton County, Iowa.

They resided in Dubuque, Dubuque, County, Iowa in 1930.

In 1935 they resided in Ottawa, La Salle County, Illinois.

They resided in Indianapolis, Hamilton County, Indiana in 1940.

Harry & Phyllis had four daughters together: Yvonne Phyllis, Yvarra Irene (Billie), Jean Marie, and Patricia (Patsy) Mae Linderman.

In 1943 the family moved to Houston, Harris County, Texas. 

My grandfather loved watching owls. He was always making wise cracks. 

So, they named their home place “Wiseacres” in Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana.

They moved to Houston, Harris County, Texas in 1943. They also named their place there “Wiseacres” in Crosby, Harris County, Texas.

My mother was in the last year of high school and transferred from Indianapolis to Lamar High School.

Jean Linderman, Roy Nelson, Mike Jackson, 1945, Wiseacres (H.W. Harry & Phyllis Linderman's farm), Crosby, TX

Jean Linderman, Roy Nelson, Mike Jackson, and unknown friend, 1945, “Wiseacres” (“H.W.” Harry & Phyllis Linderman’s farm), Crosby, TX.

My Maternal 3rd. Great Grandfather, Abraham Linderman Resided in Winona, Minnesota

Sgt Abraham “Abraim” Linderman 
Orange County
Sep. 2, 1893
Winona County
Enlisted in Civil War as Pvt. and promoted to Sgt. when he re-enlisted for the Union. A Yankee soldier. [ABRAHAM] A. LINDERMAN WAS A UNION [YANKEE] SOLDIER, ON 14 AUGUST 1862, A SERGEANT IN COMPANY F, OF THE 117th. ILLINOIS INFANTRY , ENLISTED IN CAIRO, ALEXANDER COUNTY, ILLINOIS; DURING THE CIVIL WAR BETWEEN 1862-1865, BOX #000539, EXTRACT # 0053, RECORD #0000169.
He was born in New York. His parents moved from Germantown Twp, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania to Montgomery, Orange County, New York.
His ancestors settled in Germantown Twp., Pennsylvania in 1740. His ancestors helped found America. Our Linderman ancestors fought in the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, American Civil War.
We are proud German descendants of the Linderman family, and the Hammell family were from England.
Abraham married Mary Hammell 26 November 1835 in Newfield, Orange County, New York.
They moved to Minnesota in 1856.
Their homestead was at 231 E. Mark St, Winona, Minnesota.
He and Mary had one child, Mary Linderman.
God bless my poor ancestors, they lost so much.
Abraham survived the Civil War, and lived until 1893 with his beloved wife Mary, in the Linderman Home place at 231 E. Mark St., Winona, Minnesota.
His wife, Maria A. (Mary) (Hammel) Linderman, preceded him in death, in 1884.
They are all buried together in the LINDERMAN Family Plot in Woodlawn Cemetery, Winona, Winona County, Minnesota
Family links:
  Mary (Hammell) Linderman (1815 – 1884)
  Mary Linderman (1859 – 1924)
Woodlawn Cemetery
Winona County
Minnesota, USA
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My Maternal 4th. Great German Grandfather, Ezekiel Linderman, New York

Reformed Dutch Church of Shawangunk, in town o...
Reformed Dutch Church of Shawangunk, in town of same name, NY, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Reformed Protestant Church, Genesee Street, by...
Reformed Protestant Church, Genesee Street, by William E. James (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ezekiel Linderman

Birth: 1768
Orange County
New York, USA

Death: after June 1850

Son of Johann Jacob Linderman and Catherine (MacLean) Linderman.

First Spouse: Margaret Ridner/Redner (1764-1837)

Marriage: 28 March 1793
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Shawangunk, Ulster, N.Y.


child 1: unknown /Linderman/
gender: Female
birth 1811 (twin of Abraham)
Cayuta Twp., Tioga, New York
death 1811 child 

2: Abraham /Linderman/ [my 3rd. great grandfather]
gender: Male
birth 1811
Cayuta Twp., Tioga, New York
death 3 September 1891
Winona, Winona, Minnesota
moved 1837
St. Charles, Kane, Illinois

child 3: Catherine /Linderman/
gender: Female
birth 12 September 1799
Montgomery, Orange, New York
death 29 January 1882
Courtland, De Kalb, Illinois

child 4:Nancy /Linderman/
gender: Female
birth 9 July 1797
Montgomery, Orange, New York
death 2 February 1878
St. Charles, Kane, Illinois

child 5: John Redner /Linderman/
gender: Male
birth 15 January 1794, Orange, New York
baptism 22 June 1794, Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Crawford Twp., Orange, N.Y.
death September 1877, Oakland, Michigan
burial Sashabaw Cemetery, Sashabaw Plains Twp., Oakland, Mi.

child 6: Jacob /Linderman/
gender: Male
birth 12 December 1795
Montgomery Twp., Orange, New York, 

baptism 1796 German Reformed Church of Montgomery, Orange, N.Y.
death 12 April 1872, Gun Plains, Allegan, Michigan
moved, Cattaraugus, New York

child 7: Nicholas /Linderman/
gender: Male
birth 22 November 1803, Wallkill, Orange, New York
death 3 February 1887, Ischua, Cattaraugus, New York
burial Fitch Cemetery, Ischua, Cattaraugus, N.Y.

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Seen as a Ridner in marriage record, then as a Redner in record of son John’s birth.

Second spouse:  Mary Ann Miller

Born: 1769 in Hemsby, Norfolk, England

Married: 19 March 1839 in Kane County, Illinois

Died: 23 February 1870 in Alton, Madison, Illinois

1820 U.S. Census
1830 U.S. Census
1800 U.S. Census
1825 State Census
1810 U.S. Census

1840 U.S. Census

1850 U.S. Census      

Family links:

Johann Jacob Linderman (1720 – 1792)
Catherine MacLean Linderman (1728 – 1792)

Margarette Redner Linderman (1764 – 1839)

Jacob Linderman (1796 – 1872)
Abraham Linderman (1811 – 1891)
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europe_1740Neuschwanstein-Castle-Bavaria-GermanyCastle~GermanyDubuque, Iowa

My maternal grandparents, Harry William Linderman and Phyllis Eugenia (Palen) Linderman in 1930’s, Dubuque, Iowa.



Land in south eastern Germany, and former Duchy, Electorate and Kingdom, and one of the longest lasting political units in European history, though its borders have changed.

The present Land of Bavaria (Bayern) stretches northwards from the Allgäuer, Bayerischer and Salzburger Alps to lands beyond the River Main.   In the northwestern corner is the city of Aschaffenburg on the River Main;  in the northeast are the upper waters of the Rivers Saale and Eger (Ohøe in Czech), which are tributaries of the Elbe and so flow to the North Sea;  in the southeast are the Alps around Berchtesgaden;  in the southwest Bavaria has some miles of shore on Lake Constance (Bodensee), the lake through which the Rhine flows.

The rains that fall on the greater part of the Land however flow not to the North but to the Black Sea.   The Danube flows across…

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Europe in 1740~~The Year The Lindermans Emigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Archduchess Maria Josefa (LOC)
Archduchess Maria Josefa (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)
Empress Maria Theresia of Austria
Empress Maria Theresia of Austria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Family of Ludwig III of Bavaria. King Ludwig I...
Family of Ludwig III of Bavaria. King Ludwig III, his consort Maria Theresia and their son crown prince Rupprecht. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria, Pr...
English: Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria, Princess of Lorraine, second daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI. of Austria and Princess Elisabeth Christine of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel, sister of Empress Maria Theresia of Austria, wife of Prince Charles Alexandre of Lorraine, 18th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Duchess MAria Theresia of Wuerttmbger...
English: Duchess MAria Theresia of Wuerttmbger nee Archduchess of Austria Deutsch: Herzogin Maria Theresia von WÜrttemberg geb. Erzherzogin von Österreich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI with his wife Em...
Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI with his wife Empress Elisabeth Christine and their three daughters, Archduchesses (L-R) Maria Amalia, Maria Theresia and Maria Anna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Palace of Schönbrunn
Palace of Schönbrunn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Deutsch: Maria Theresia mit Maske, Ölgemälde v...
Deutsch: Maria Theresia mit Maske, Ölgemälde von Martin van Meytens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Important Historical Events between 1700 and 1792

This historical survey is meant to help the reader with eventual difficulties in understanding peculiarities in the texts offered in the decade 1782 to 1792. Most of the data were taken from W. Stein: Kulturfahrplan. Die wichtigsten Daten der Kulturgeschichte von Anbeginn bis 1795. F. A. Herbig Verlagsbuchhandlung, München-Berlin-Wien, 1976. The symbols * and  \ mean birth respectively death.

1740 Charles VI, Roman-German Emperor since 1711 and King of Hungaria (* 1685).
Charles VII Albrecht of Bavaria becomes Roman-German Emperor ( 1745).
Maria Theresia becomes Queen of Hungaria and Archduchess of Austria ( 1780).
 Frederick William I (“King of Soldiers”????), King of Prussia since 1713 (* 1688).
Frederick II (“the Great”) becomes King of Prussia ( 1786); sovereign of the “enlightened absolutism“, adherent to French culture; he reforms administration, administration of justice????, social order, and economy; abolishes torture etc.; begins the “First Silesian War” (until 1742) against Maria Theresia.

Winona, Minnesota- Luxembourgian Ancestors

Palen Family Genealogy

This blog is dedicated the memory of my mother, Jean Marie (Linderman) Frederick Mancill. Today would have been her 85th. birthday. Her mother died when I was young and I don’t remember her much. She was Phylis Eugenia (Palen) Linderman. Mother was only 36 then in 1963 and she missed her dearly, and always honored her memory.

My maternal Great Grandfather, was Frank Joseph Palen of Caledonia, Houston County,  Minnesota. His father, Leopold Frank Palen emigrated from Bachlieden, Diekirch, Luxembourg in 1862 to Caledonia, Minnesota.

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Jean Marie Linderman Frederick and Leroy Eugene Frederick Family

Texas Tudors' Blog

I love this picture of Norman Rockwell‘s Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorites. This pic represents how I feel about our Thanksgiving tradition. God has blessed me with a loving, forgiving close-knit Patriotic American family.

My Mother and Father had six wonderful children in twenty one years of marriage. We were raised at 1709 Cheston Drive, in Jacinto City, Texas from 1947-1968.


English: Former Jacinto City Preschool

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Jean Marie Linderman Frederick Mancill – Houston, Harris, Texas

Texas Tudor's Memorials


English: Photograph of the skyline of Downtown...

Jean Marie “Jeanie” Linderman Mancill
Birth: Dec. 3, 1927
Dubuque County
Iowa, USA
Death: Mar. 9, 2012
Brazoria County
Texas, USA

Jean Marie (Linderman)Frederick Mancill, daughter of Phyllis “Phyl” (Palen) Linderman and Harry William Linderman. Granddaughter of Frank Joseph Palen and Emma Elsie (Claussen) Palen, also of Edward Francis Linderman and Gudrun Ivarra (Lund)Linderman of Dubuque, Iowa.
First huband LeRoy Eugene Frederick. Married 15 November 1947, Liberty, Texas. Divorced 1968. the Frederick homestead was at 1709 Cheston Drive, Jacinto City, Texas 77029.
Six children together: Joseph Lee, Phyllis Jean, Sally Ann, Karl Thomas, Patricia Marie, and Sarah Kay Frederick.
Mother was a very loving and creative woman. She taught me how to sew at 16, she made us a braided rug(I still have today), she knitted, crocheted, needlepointed, and quilted.
Second husband Louis “Honey Lou” Clifford Mancill. Married 5 December 1968, Houston, Texas

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Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – German Ancestors

Texas Tudor's Memorials

English: Flag of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I...English: Seal of the city of ,pennsylvania welcomes you

Johann Jacob Linderman was my fifth great grandfather who emigrated in 1740 from Obermochel, Bayern, Germany to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He DID help build these United States! Yes, he did build this!! JOHANN JACOB LINDERMAN SERVED IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR BETWEEN 1775-1781. HE WAS IN THE COLONIAL PENNSYLVANIA ARMY.

Married Catharina McLean in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1743. They had eleven children together.  He resided in Germantown Township, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in December 1740. 

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